What does it mean to go further,
together with Lowell?

At Lowell, we know that when we work together, we can achieve so much more. So we’ve built one message, one culture that lives and breathes this belief, that we can share with the world – what it means to work here, what makes us proud to be part of Lowell, and our vision for our future. 

Together, we go further. 

Shaped around what our people had to say about working with us and what they love about working here, their feedback forms the four pillars of this promise to our people. Our commitment to Sustainability, our approach to Hybrid Working, our drive to support Leadership Development, and our dedication to Career Progression

These are what makes working here an incredible experience, what gives us a shared sense of purpose, and what fuels our people to go even further with us.

This is what it means to work at Lowell. 


Discover why together, we go further

Hybrid working

As an organisation we have committed to a hybrid working culture, with colleagues and teams working in different places at different times. Our group-wide hybrid working culture principles ensure consistency and alignment across functions, countries, and regions as we grow together to create a successful hybrid working model. Our colleagues have the freedom to move between office and remote days according to business needs, work habits and schedules.
This creates a better work life balance and makes work more enjoyable and productive for everyone.


We’re proud of the impact our work on sustainability makes. Our mission, sustainability strategy, scorecard performance and future ambitions give us a strong shared sense of purpose with the knowledge that together we will continue to make a difference. We are proud supporters of the United Nations Global Compact. And that it’s aligned to external reporting standards and frameworks, like the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) and the United Nation Sustainability Development Goals, gives it credibility and  increases our pride in it.

And we continue to go further by establishing our involve groups and Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) plans in each region, including awareness-raising activities, diverse hiring and inclusivity initiatives. While our Sustainability Report serves as a real source of pride, showcasing the great work we’ve done.

Leadership Development

Our Leadership Development Programme strengthens and inspires our people. It helps our leaders go further, and as they develop and gain new skills, they share that strength with our colleagues, increasing their desire to stay with us.

Creating our Development Programme and introducing our Leadership Development Portfolio and Leader Support Network is part of realising our promise to push our leaders’ interest and involvement in their colleagues’ wellbeing.

Career Progression

Our colleagues are happy to work at Lowell, but we’re always recognising ways we can go further. Building up what we can offer our colleagues, so they can progress with us. Getting our colleagues thinking about their growth, so that we can make it happen. We’re always listening to their progress, their journey, and what they need from us.

At Lowell there's succession planning, a talent board, internal mobility, performance management, and we've established a learning programme for colleagues. That means that together, we can go further, so that as we push onwards and progress as a company, so do our people.

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Together, we go further