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Being the best at what we do

We're proud to do what we do, because we know we work responsibly. We’ve built a fun and friendly environment where compassion and responsibility matter. Add a little competitiveness to be the best at what we do - and you’ve got the perfect place to work.

UK Core brands

Our UK region operates under two brands, and each supports a different part of Lowell. You’ll find similar roles in each business, and the challenges you’ll discover there vary in line with the work that those specific businesses do.

Plus, there are even more opportunities in our central teams who work hard to support our UK businesses.

So, whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your career to the next level, you’ll find a rewarding opportunity at Lowell.
Lowell Financial

Lowell Financial is the cornerstone of our UK operations; providing the support and expertise our customers and clients need.


Overdales is our industry-leading specialist law firm that provides debt recovery and litigation services to Lowell Financial Ltd and other UK companies.

Choosing the path that's right for you
Each of our central teams supports our UK businesses and play a vital role in making a positive difference to our customers’ lives.

​​​​​​​So, whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your career to the next level, you’ll find a rewarding opportunity at Lowell.
Accounting & Finance
Our Finance team support the delivery of our strategy across the Lowell Group through insightful analysis and constructive challenge, whilst maintaining a robust governance framework.

​​​​​​​The team is made up of specialist functions across Business Partnering, FP&A, Investments, External Services (Tax, Treasury, External Reporting, Corporate Finance and Investor Relations) and Business Services (Accounting, Accounts Payable & Receivable, Business Intelligence and Procurement).
Business Services
There are a number of teams that fall into this area  who are central to supporting the organisation and keeping the wheels turning effectively. 

From Office Services who look after the building and working environments, through to specialised administrative and executive support teams these departments all have a key role to play in helping us continue to develop and grow as an organisation, and deliver the best outcomes for our Customers and Clients and Colleagues.


Our client team are responsible for all interactions with our growing client base. This stems from deal and transaction management through to all our audit and oversight responsibilities of our client relationships.

 diverse team of skills and interest we are set up to provide a quality service to all of our existing and new clients.

Marketing & Brand
.We’ve got a great story to tell – we saw that there was a better way to do what we do, and we've built a respected and successful business doing it. As part of our Marketing & Brand team, you can make that connection with our customers and clients even stronger.

​​​​​​​This team research and analyse our customers to answer one key question which is where, when and how do our customers want to communicate and work with us. It’s all about improving our brand in the marketplace and helping our customers trust Lowell


Technology is at the heart of our evolving business and these teams help us transform and improve the way we do things across the organisation. 

​​​​​​​Our aim is to transform both our Customer and Colleague experiences improving the way we work through digital transformation.

Data Science & Analytics
Here, our dedicated teams of business analysts, statisticians, and quantitative scientists are focused on generating new insights into consumer credit data and financial behaviour.

​​​​​​​It’s an exciting opportunity to have the data at your fingertips and help us make key decisions that impact the direction our business travels in. It’s an exciting opportunity to have the data at your fingertips and help us make key decisions that impact the direction our business travels in.
Our Executive team are responsible for leading the development and delivery of the UK strategy focused on people and culture, customer experience, client experience, operational excellence and financial strength to deliver our vision of making credit work better for all.

Together, we are more than just a collection of functional leaders, we work together to deliver for the region as a whole.


At Lowell we truly believe that our colleagues are at the heart of our successes. The People team work collaboratively with the business to facilitate the full colleague lifecycle from talent acquisition and onboarding through to colleague engagement and learning and development.  

We want to ensure that leaders and managers can lead their teams effectively and that all colleagues can be the very best versions of themselves every day at Lowell.


Legal & Regulatory

As a regulated business we always aim to work the right way – which means we always have a strong focus on our regulatory, compliance and legal obligations.

We operate the usual 3 Lines of Defence model and our focus in providing oversight and assurance of all business activities is the principal aim of our assurance and audit teams. In these areas you’ll support our governance reporting and future horizon scanning and  help us to maintain excellent standards of risk management so we are seen as a trusted operator by our Customers, Clients and Regulators.
Rewards & Benefits

​​​​​​​To us, a rewarding career is about more than just a salary. This is why we've put together a range of benefits to truly help you get the best out of your working life.

Hear from the team

​​​​​​We value what our people do and we want them to have rewarding careers with us. Here’s what our staff have said to prove we’re doing exactly that. Don’t just take our word for it.
“We aim to be the best at what we do. Being the best is not just about comparing us to our own industry. It’s about doing the very best we can, being proud of all aspects of our service and delivering for our customers and clients."
John Pears
UK Managing Director
“At Lowell you get out what you put in. I am very ambitious and want to progress quickly. I asked for support in training, mentoring and additional responsibility… and I got it. The best part about my job is that I get to decide how to do it and really leave my mark on how Lowell works with its partners, ensuring we uphold our values."
Joe Byrom
IT Supplier Manager (UK)
“I’m so lucky to work with an amazing group of people from all walks of life. My favourite thing to do at the start of every work day is to check in with my team and see how everyone is and maybe share a little bit of banter along the way! I’ve never worked for a company that puts employee wellbeing at the heart of everything and has so many tools and resources to help us. Lowell is really striving to be the best for its customers and colleagues alike."
Emma Smith
Learning Consultant (UK)
“I’m really proud to work for Lowell because I’m enabled to make a difference through what I do. Even better is that I get to work with amazingly diverse colleagues who challenge the norm and want to do what‘s right. Every day I look forward to speaking to my team and colleagues about their day ahead, their challenges, and how we can create solutions to continually improve customer and client experience."
Mike Ewart
Head of Client Experience (UK)
“Lowell is a fast paced, vibrant workplace with amazing colleagues who always offer support when needed. There are many opportunities to progress within the business and the customer is always at the heart of everything we do. I truly enjoy the flexibility of working from home which helps with ensuring a good work life / personal life balance.”
Fiona Corker
Customer Accounts Associate (UK)
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